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Shipping Glossary
Main-line Operator
  Abbreviation: MLO
  A carrier employing vessel(s) in the main or principal routes in a trade but not participating within a consortium.
  Document, which lists the specifications of goods, loaded in a means of transport or equipment for transportation purposes.
  As a rule cargo the agents in the place of loading draw up manifests
  Note: For P&O Nedlloyd a manifest represents a cumulation of Bills of Lading for official and administrative purposes
Marine Insurance Policy
  An insurance policy protecting the insured against loss or damage to his goods occurred during ocean transport.
Mate's Receipt
  A document signed by the chief officer of a vessel acknowledging the receipt of a certain consignment on board of that vessel. On this document, remarks can be made as to the order and condition of the consignment.
Measurement Ton
  The measurement ton (also known as the cargo ton or freight ton) is a space measurement, usually 40 cubic feet or one cubic meter. Cargo is assessed a certain rate for every 40 cubic feet or one cubic meter it occupies.
  A trade alliance between Argentina, Brazil , Paraguay and Uruguay , with Chile and Bolivia as associate members.
Medical First Aid Guide
  Abbreviation: MFAG
  Instructions to be consulted in case of accidents involving dangerous goods.
Merchant Haulage
  Inland transport of cargo in containers arranged by the Merchant.
  It includes empty container-moves to and from hand-over points in respect of containers released by the Carrier to Merchants.

Note: Carrier's responsibility under the Bill of Lading does not include the inland transport stretch under Merchant Haulage.

Multimodal Transport
  The carriage of goods (containers) by at least two different modes of transport.
Multimodal Transport Document
  Negotiable or non-negotiable document evidencing a contract for the performance and/or procurement of performance of combined transport of goods.
  Thus a combined transport document is a document issued by a Carrier who contracts as a principal with the Merchant to effect a combined transport often on a door-to-door basis.
Multimodal Transport Operator/Carrier
  Abbreviation: MTO/Carrier
  The person on whose behalf the transport document or any document evidencing a contract of multimodal carriage of goods is issued and who is responsible for the carriage of goods pursuant to the contract of carriage.
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