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Shipping Glossary
  A number of workmen acting together especially for loading and/or discharging operations of a vessel in combination with the necessary gear. (On a vessel for instance 6 gangs can be ordered to discharge or load.)
Garments On Hangers
  Clothes in containers on hangers and hung from rails during transit, reducing the handling required for the garments.
  • A point at which cargo is interchanged between carriers or modes of transport
  • A means of access, an entry
      (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) - A multilateral treaty intended to help reduce trade barriers and promote tariff concessions.
    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
      Abbreviation: GATT
      Major international agreement on trade and tariffs between many nations all over the world. The discussions are now held by the WTO.
    General Average
      Abbreviation: G/A
      Intentional act or sacrifice which is carried out to safeguard vessel and cargo. When a vessel is in danger, the master has the right to sacrifice property and/or to incur reasonable expenditure. Measures taken for the sole benefit of any particular interest are not considered general average.
    General Average Act (York-Antwerp Rules)
      There is a general average act when, and only when any extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and reasonably made or incurred for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure.
    General Cargo
      Cargo, consisting of goods, unpacked or packed, for example in cartons, crates, bags or bales, often palletised. General cargo can be shipped either in breakbulk or containerised
      Any consignment other than a consignment containing valuable cargo and charged for transport at general cargo rates (air cargo)
    General Purpose Container
      A Container with two end walls and open sides.A container used for the carriage of general cargo without any special requirements for the transport and or the conditioning of the goods.
      Common term indicating movable property, merchandise or wares All materials which can be used to satisfy demands Whole or part of the cargo received from the shipper, including any equipment supplied by the shipper
    Goods Receipt
      Document issued by a port, warehouse, shed, or terminal operator acknowledging receipt of goods specified therein on conditions stated or referred to in the document.
    Goods in Transit
      The goods which have departed from the initial loading point and not yet arrived at the final unloading point.
      The collection of several small consignments and the formation of one large shipment thereof (road cargo).
    Gross Weight (GR WT./GW)
      The full weight of a shipment, including containers and packaging materials.
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